General Questions

The membership dues are $35 annually. The ANA usually conducts a membership drive towards the beginning of each calendar year to remind existing members of the due and to invite new members to join, so dues are usually collected then as well.
Board meetings are held monthly, usually on the second Monday and rotate locations among the homes of the various board members. The exact dates homes and can be found on our calendar. If you would like to raise a topic or question for the board, please contact us.
Please send payment through our convenient online form, or if you would prefer, send your check and form to:
PO Box 21751
Lexington, Kentucky 40522
Elementary School: Cassidy Elementary
Middle School: Morton Middle School
High School: Henry Clay High School
Yes! The general public can like and follow our ANA Facebook page. Additionally, residents of Ashland Neighborhood can join and be a part of the neighborhood experience there. Finally, ANA members can join the private Facebook Group to keep in touch and socialize with your neighbors. Stay tuned as we expand our social media presence!
The ANA is in the fifth district of the Lexington Fayette County Government.

The ANA is in the 13th Senate District of the Kentucky Legislature.

The majority of the ANA is in the 76th House District of the Kentucky Legislature. The west side of Irvine Rd is in the 79th House District.